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The beautiful journey towards a Catholic wedding has the following topics. Catholic-Wedding

  • The engagement ceremony
  • Consulting with your parish
  • Getting prepared for the life long marriage
  • Selecting the best scripture readings
  • Selecting the finest music and vows
  • Deciding the important roles of family and friends in the wedding
  • Deciding other liturgical elements
  • Finalizing a program for guests
  • Deciding on other details
  • Finally deciding on the reception and the honeymoon

Following are the tips to plan out perfect Catholic weddings:

  • Start your wedding preparation a year in advance or even before
  • Prepare to provide the Baptismal certificates and contact the church for that
  • Make an appointment with the priest to discuss intentions of your wedding
  • Decide the site where you would like to give the reception
  • Take part in a marriage preparation program, like a Pre-Cana. This will help you to get prepared for the marriage
  • Remember to include the Pre-Cana document in other important documents list
  • Since Catholic church recognizes those marriages where procreation is possible, so discuss about it with your partner
  • Four to six months in advance of the wedding date, prepare wedding invitations, mass booklets, thank-you notes
  • Make arrangements for the pre-marital investigation. You will require all your records like the community you belong to and free consent of marriage in church's eyes
  • Decide the readings and the family members who will read them
  • Consult the priest for any possible doubt
  • Plan to personally greet your guests

Here are some topics associated with catholic weddings:

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