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How To Order Top Kelowna Bakeries Wedding Cakes

Choosing Bakeries in Kelowna Wedding Cakes

With a wedding coming, you can either hire a wedding planner, or you can do the planning yourself. A wedding need not be too lavish for people who are budget constrained. It is important though for the couples need to be involved in the planning of their wedding to suit it to their preferences. Among the essential aspects of a wedding planner is the wedding cake. It is natural for couples to have a themed wedding and fall is one of the best seasons to tie the knot. Thus, you also need to know how to plan for the best fall wedding cakes.


Normally, you can order any cake for the occasion but couples are given various choices in terms of colors, designs and sizes of a wedding cake. Kelowna Bakeries Wedding Cakes suggested ideas for the flavor of the cake that will represent a wedding cake. The cake should have a touch of bright colours like pink, red, orange, and yellow for a sunny look. This colors should, therefore, be used artistically to avoid making the cake look overly colored.

Tips for ordering the best wedding cakes

1. Taste the wedding cake

In the process of wedding arrangement an individual should book a pastry specialist to taste the wedding cake before ordering. At this stage customers are allowed to test excellent cakes, survey portfolios and make inquires.

2. Select a style

All cakes are different and contains various decorations depending on the occasions. The cake ordered should be matching with the decorations done for the wedding ceremony. This decorations should be compatible with your ideas and the season.

3. Size it up

An individual should decide the size of a wedding cake depending on the guests attending the occasion.

4. Fixing the priceĀ 

Charges are very different from one bakery to another. For a wedding ceremony, an individual should do research on different bakeries to identify their various price tags. All individuals will be aiming to minimize the cost but they should be careful not to skimp on the quality.

5. Don’t overspend on unnecessary items

An Individual should not be tempted to spend on particular unnecessary items recommended by the cake supplier. You should stick to your budget to avoid unnecessary spending.

6. Look at the sky

It essential for an individuals to keep their eyes on the weather before ordering a wedding cake. If you are planning a Wedding ceremony on summer, then avoid things like meringue and whipped cream because they will melt due to heat.

7. Don’t make a copy of things from magazines

If you have been impressed with various cake designs from magazines, just lower your expectations. This designs are mostly photoshoot done by professional artists, who use things which are not edible to make their wedding cakes attractive.

In conclusion, you should order cakes from reputable wedding cake makers, or you can make your recipe. Couples should be involved in the planning of their wedding cakes to ensure its creativity and perfection. A wedding cake can, therefore, be ordered from a local bakery or an individual can make a choice of ordering baking online.